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Warehousing – furniture storage

Because more and more furniture is manufactured outside Europe, maintaining a stock has become vital in making sure delivery guarantees can be met. Many companies are unable to maintain their own storage space, due to the high costs involved in construction and maintenance. In addition, it is often difficult to assess the actual storage space that is needed.  

To maintain the desired flexibility, minimize costs and at the same time be able to guarantee on-time delivery, it is important to have a reliable partner that can provide a service in this area.  

Schmidt Global Logistics is the perfect partner in this area. We offer a variety of services that can be customized to match your needs. In our modern warehouse, we offer every possible system to make sure your furniture is stored and handled according to your specifications. Our warehouses are both conditioned and secure.  

In addition, Schmidt Global Logistics offers services in the areas of assembly, transshipment and returns. Smart solutions and automation allow us to provide our services at competitive rates.  

Furniture storage

We also allow companies and private persons to store their household goods, excess furniture or archives. We use 8m3 storage containers to make sure your goods are stored securely, at attractive rates. Feel free to ask us for more information.

Our motto is: Schmidt Global, always a solution.