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Retail transport

We take our pride in going the extra mile.

Schmidt Global Logistics BV has developed an expertise in Retail Logistics. For many international brands (fashion, interior, accesoiries, automotive, etc.) we coördinate and execute all the logistics (warehousing, transfers, distribution, etc). 

We take our pride in going the extra mile. Since we have our roots in removals, we know how to package, assemble, or even build the entire interior if needed. 

We have dedicated (high serive) or combined (cost efficient) services throughout all of Europe. Our strategic allliances enable us to offer our services world wide, for very competitve rates and high service levels. 
Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Dedicated and combined transportation throughout Europa.
  • Express (overnight) services with vans throughout Europe.
  • Assebling of interiors anywhere in Europe.
  • Dissambly of interiors anywhere in Europe (due to renovation, or shop closing)
  • Fashion transportation, on pallets or hanging).
  • Worldwide delivery through airfreight and sea freight.