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About America

The United States of America is one of the biggest countries in the world. Thousands of people still emigrate to the US for 'The American Dream', the American ideal of freedom and equality. America is often seen as the country where ambitions and career opportunities are realized. That is why many (business) removals take place.

Due to the size of the US, the country has many different climates. From a subtropical climate in the southern states of Hawaii and Florida to a tundra climate in the northern state of Alaska. The landscape is therefore very diverse. Besides big cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston, America also has beautiful nature reserves. The famous Grand Canyon, but also parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite and Everglades.

Moving to the United States of America

Schmidt-Global is your ideal partner for the transportation of your furniture, goods and equipment from and to the United States. For many years we have arranged complete international removals from A to Z. We offer you personalized solutions and arrange your removals with care.  

Like no other, we know removals can be hectic and be experienced as a stressful time for the customer. As a highly experienced partner, Schmidt-Global can turn your removal into a pleasant experience, we are here to take away your concerns and to offer the best service we can.

Moving overseas to America

Every week we ship multiple containers and air freight for our customers to America. We also send a 'groupage container' every month. These are ideal for people who do not want to ship an entire container. Thanks to our extensive and highly reliable network, every customer can expect the same service in America as they receive from us in Europe.

Transport options:

  • Overseas
  • Air freight

Good to know when you're moving to America

When you’re moving to America you have to take into account that you’re not allow to import a number of products. For example hazardous substances (including dyes), drugs, alcohol and products from protected animal species. You are also not allowed to take Persian carpets and rugs into the country.

Bringing a motor vehicle into America can be very complex and expensive. Only vehicles produced in America may be imported. And even if a motor vehicle has been produced in America, the costs can rise up high.

Required documents for your move:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy inventory list
  • Customs documentation for the US (we will arrange this for you)
  • Copy of visa

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