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Moving to the USA

Removals to and from The United States

Schmidt-Global is your ideal partner for the transportation of your furniture, goods and equipment from and to the United States. For many years we have arranged complete international removals from A to Z. We offer you personalized solutions and arrange your removals with care.  

Like no other, we know removals can be hectic and be experienced as a stressful time for the customer. As a highly experienced partner, Schmidt-Global can turn your removal into a pleasant experience, we are here to take away your concerns and to offer the best service we can.

Schmidt-Global has a fleet of its own and many local agents around the world. Our knowledge combined with the agent’s knowledge allow us to offer you fast, safe and affordable services of high quality. We offer both dedicated removals and groupage removals for your furniture, goods and equipment. Our many possibilities allow us to offer you personalized solutions!