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Moving to Germany

A move to or from another country is always more thorough than a domestic move. Schmidt Global Logistics understands this as no other. The past years we have moved people to and from Germany on a weekly basis. We work with people who know their way around Germany. Besides that we also work with local agents who have been assisting us for many years and we have full confidence they will be able to help you as well.

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Our portfolio for moving to or from Germany exists of furniture transport, (partly-) moves and art transport.

Schmidt Global Logistics offers multiple moving options.

It is possible to only hire our assistance with a moving car and one mover. This means your help is required by loading and unloading.

The other option is the “full package”, we will pack, unpack, disassemble and assemble your furniture. We will also take care of all the packaging materials. We like to call it a stress-free move!

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