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Moving to Belgium

We arrange your transport

If you are planning to move to Belgium or to move from Belgium to the Netherlands, it is highly likely that you will need assistance with transportation.

Schmidt-Global is glad to help you with your removals to and from Belgium. Our company has a very experienced crew and has the right materials to offer our customers outstanding removal and transportation services. Removals can be very complex to many. Schmidt-Global is here to make the experience pleasant and easy for the customer. With our wide range of removal and transportation options, we can fulfil any of your demands.

Removal with one mover

One of the possibilities is to arrange assistance yourself. In this case, we would assist you with only one mover and a moving car. This means you would have to arrange for enough manpower to assist in loading and unloading the moving car. This option would allow you to save costs on your removals.

Removal arranged by our crew

It is also possible to have your removal be completely arranged by our crew. The only thing you would have to do is pack everything which needs to be moved and make sure it is all in place. Afterwards, we will provide the movers whom will load the moving car and make sure it reaches its destination. After, our crew will make sure everything is unloaded as the customer wishes.

Disassembly and assembly of your furniture

Schmidt-Global also offers you the possibility to have your furniture disassembled and assembled as you wish. Our highly experienced crew can assist you in disassembling and assembling many different types of furniture.

Removal in multiple stages  

Some customers prefer to have their removal done in several steps. We offer these customers the possibility to have their removal be done in multiple stages, instead of having everything transported in one go. This will allow you to arrange your removal in peace without feeling the pressure to arrange it all at once. 

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