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With years of experience, helping companies and people move to Switzerland is one of the things we specialize in.

We help you move to Switzerland

With years of experience, helping companies and people move to Switzerland is one of the things we specialize in. Because we have local partners in virtually every kanton, we are able to provide a flexible and reliable service. We take care of the entire process, including customs. We provide our services on a weekly basis. Please let us advise you about the customs procedure before making your decision. No distance too great, no mountain too high!

Quotation for moving to Switzerland

You can request a quotation online by filling in a form via the calculation in the menu presented above.  

Whether you are moving to Switzerland for good or want to ship furniture to your Swiss holiday cottage, we are happy to provide the best solution.  

Frequency: weekly.

Transit time: 1-3 days.

Service package: removals, partial removals and furniture transports.

Local agents: Geneva, Lausanne, Sion, Bern, Luzern, Zurich, Schaffhausen, Chur, St. Gallen and Lugano.

About Schmidt Global

About us

For over a decade a reliable partner in transport

Retail transport

Within 24 hours all your products unpacked in the store

Airfreight transport

We provide more than 3,000 air transports worldwide

Temporary storage

4000 m2 of private storage in the middle of the Netherlands

Corporate moves

Complete relocations for your company

Private relocations

For all expats a total move untill the unpacking of the last box


Auto Transport
Car transport

Schmidt-Global has the expertise to execute transportation of many different type of cars. Whether the transport is part of a removal or a dedicated assignment, Schmidt-Global is able to offer excellent services. We treat your car with same care as you do. Therefore, we offer many different transportation possibilities to our customer. We can transport your car on a trailer, in a closed environment or have it driven exclusively to a certain destination. For this reason, we are a preferred partner with many customers, one of these customers being Porsche Amsterdam. 

Retail Transport Schmidt Gloval
Retail transport

Schmidt Global Logistics BV has developed an expertise in Retail Logistics. For many international brands (fashion, interior, accesoiries, automotive, etc.) we coördinate and execute all the logistics (warehousing, transfers, distribution, etc). 

Air freight

From Japan to the Netherlands, from Sydney to New York, where-ever, when-ever, there is not a destination on this globe that we can't service. Our unique strategice alliance with Dutch Airfreight enables us to offer you a one stop shop solution with high service and the best rates, from door to door. 

Opslag Schmidt Global
Temporary storage

The contents of your home or company are safe with Schmidt-Global. If you need temporal storage (a few weeks or months) or storage for several years, we have the right solution for you. We have dedicated containers per customer, for competive rates. 

Kantoor Verhuizing
Corporate move

For many internationally operation companies consider Schmidt-Global a great asset as independent moving company. Without anybodies knowledge we are the secret force behind many removals. 

Particuliere Verhuizing Schmidt
Private move

Moving is much more than getting your belongings from A to B. That's why we say, Your move, our Mission! We know how hectic and emotional moving is to your family. It is our mission to make it a special, joyfull experience for you, your partner, your children and even your pets!